10 Best Drugstore Primers For 2022

Makeup primers from drugstores can keep your makeup appearing fresh all day long without breaking the bank. There’s something unique about buying a high-end item, but if you’re on a budget, the most important thing is that you look beautiful. While keeping your budget in check, a drugstore primer can help you out with that.

Primers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so consider your needs when choosing the best drugstore primer for yourself. A primer can mask pores, give your skin a glow and oil, hydrate the skin, or extend the wear duration of your foundation. However, a single primer can’t always do everything.

10 Best Drugstore Primers

Jelly Pop Dew Primer Serum

If your skin is always dry, try Jelly Pop Dew Primer Serum, and moisturizing primer as your go-to product combination. Make sure it’s this primer, which has an ingredient list that seems more like a skincare product than a cosmetic product. You’re talking about a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which is calming, illuminating, and moisturizing, as well as antioxidants. The refreshing and hydrating gel texture, as well as the way it leaves your skin appearing naturally dewy and oh-so-fresh, get bonus points.

Maybelline primer for Baby Skin

Maybelline’s cult-favorite primer is so beloved for some very good reasons. The main ingredient, microfiber, is known for filling pores, reducing the appearance of pimples and redness, and absorbing excess oil from the skin. Because of the powdered finish, you get smooth, baby-like skin. For oily skin, it’s one of the Best Drugstore Primers

Hydro Boost Glow Primer by Neutrogena

Consider using this skincare-makeup combination if your skin is looking dull, lackluster, or just plain boring. It’s half serum, part primer, and it’ll leave your face plump, silky, and refreshed thanks to hyaluronic acid (always a certain method to increase radiance). In addition, as a primer, it aids in keeping your makeup in place.

Daily Moisturizing Primer by Sativa

This multi-tasker will appeal to anybody who is continuously looking for ways to improve their morning ritual. It does work as a primer to smooth skin and extend the wear of makeup, but the advantages don’t end there. The cannabis Sativa seed oil provides long-lasting hydration while also calming skin, and it also contains your daily dosage of SPF 15.

Oil-Free Serum Primer for Makeup

This Covergirl classic is an anti-aging cream and makeup primer in one. It will moisturize and plump skin. Your skin’s suppleness and stiffness will be improved with Oil-free primer. While producing a radiant foundation basis, wrinkles, fine lines, and sunspots are softened and less noticeable. Because the texture is slightly thicker, bigger pores are filled and the skin is plumped.

Primer Hydrating Jelly

This moisturizing, silicone-free drugstore primer keeps skin looking fresh and glowing. It has a peculiar jelly texture that hydrates the skin while also providing a numbing effect. If your skin is oily but dry, then believe it may easily replace a moisturizer. It’s a touch sticky, which is great for holding foundation in place if you don’t want to use powder. While it does assist to lessen the appearance of defects, it is not the primary goal of this primer.

MaxGlow Serum And Primer by Aveeno

Mixing a serum and primer into one product is a novel idea that results in an intriguing product. Because it’s a two-phase mixture with an oil layer and a water layer, you’ll need to mix it up in the bottle before using it. As a consequence, your skin is moisturized, glowy, and somewhat sticky, which helps makeup apply better.

It makes the face shine and helps makeup stay put, but it has no effect on the appearance of pores or fine wrinkles. Overall, you suggest it to anyone who has dry skin. If you’re sensitive to scents, keep in mind that it has a faint, sweet smell.

Primer for Anti-Aging Foundation

This is the finest drugstore primer to use for age control or to mask the appearance of fine wrinkles.  It’s a silicone-based primer that’s a touch more moisturizing than some of the other primers you’ve looked at, so it hides small wrinkles better. 

Rather than seeming matte or dewy, it leaves the face looking naturally smooth. Antioxidant vitamin b6 and collagen-boosting palmitoyl core protein are among the anti-aging compounds with proven skincare effects. It’s a great option for regular, sensitive skin.

Photofocus Dewy Face Primer 

This is the best drugstore primer to buy if all you want to do is shine. This moisturizing, creamy lotion is infused with glowy minerals, providing it the appearance of a mild dazzle cream. It’s been likened to Becca’s Backlight Priming Filter since the formula is so finely milled. it doesn’t seem like a shimmer but more like a true natural highlight.

It lasts all day, but it doesn’t minimize pores or last as long as a silicone-based solution. It’s also less expensive than other drugstore primers. Which is a nice plus. It’s perfect for both dry and normal skin.

Pretty Fresh Hydrating Primer by Colourpop

The word “choke chok” should conjure up images of bouncy, glowing, moisturized skin. It’s also something this fantastic drugstore primer could provide. The recipe is a moisturizer/primer hybrid that hydrates the face, smooths flakiness with a blend of rich oils, and helps hold the foundation in place with a strong polymer.It offers the complexion a dewy finish and helps to keep the foundation in place during the day. It’s silicone-free, which is great for people.

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