BMW N63/N63TU Engine

The BMW N63 is a twin-turbocharged V8 oil engine that has been in progress from 2008 to the present. The N63 is the world’s first creation engine to use a “hot-vee” plan, with the turbochargers arranged inside the “V” of the engine. It is furthermore BMW’s first turbocharged V8 engine.

The N63 displaced the BMW N62 (a regularly suctioned V8 engine) and was first used in the 2008 X6 xDrive50i.


The breeze stream way through the engine utilizes a “hot-vee” plan, where the ventilation frameworks and turbochargers are arranged between the chamber banks (inside” of the V8) and the affirmation manifolds are arranged obviously of the motor. This is backward to the standard organization for a V8, where the affirmation is inside the “V” and the ventilation framework is outward. The hot-vee configuration decreases the width of the engine and lessens the fumes runner length from the fumes valves to the turbochargers. The engine utilizes air-to-water intercoolers, thusly further creating stifle reaction.

Like the N54B30, starting N63 varieties (counting the S63) don’t use Valvetronic (variable valve lift),{ considering the way that its benefit of reducing of confirmation vacuum isn’t as critical in turbocharged engines}. Because of the presence of turbocharging, the N63 doesn’t use a variable-length utilization complex.

The N63 is BMW’s first V8 engine to use a direct mixture.

The N63/S63 uses a drag of 89 mm (3.50 in) and a stroke of 88.3 mm (3.48 in) (except for the Chinese market 4.0-liter variety).

Normal issues with the N63/N63tu motors

Bounty Oil Consumption

Regardless, when new, the N63 has been known to be extremely enthusiastic for oil. This issue stems generally from the arrangement of the engine with the turbos being the focal point of the “V” or the valley of the engine. This district is extremely hot and causes the engine to burn through more oil, and regardless, drying out gaskets which can incite breaks. How much oil does it burn through? Well BMW spec says that 1qt per 1000 miles is inside the norm, and a couple of owners show a quart every 600 miles.

Regardless of the oil utilization off, owners really love the engine and notice that supplanting the oil every 4-6k miles and stacking a few quarts when the pointer goes off. There is no dive stick in these vehicles, so there is no playing in the motor. The BMW I-Drive will let you know whenever it’s an optimal chance to add another quart of oil. Keep a few quarts within reach, you will require them. It is sufficiently easy to add oil to the vehicle, and a quart of oil costs around $10.

N63 Fuel Injector Failure

These issues were basic in this engine. To be sure, even vehicles with fairly low mileage were not saved. The fuel injectors seemed to go misbehaving delightful first thing, with one alluding to 20k miles on this conversation. Accepting you are looking at a model with this engine in it, you should observe that these injectors are not unobtrusive. The expense for one injector is around $200 then you really want to factor in the work. So what kind of signs would you have the option to expect when it is the injector?

N63 Fuel Injector Failure Symptoms:

Horrendous Idles

Defenseless speed increment

Dull exhaust tips and dim development on the watchman from un-devoured fuel

Actually, take a look at the engine light


N63 Timing Chain Failure

On 2008-2014 N63’s the situation joins are known to relax over time which makes additional mileage the valve-train and conversely influence execution. The belts can stretch to the point that they jump a tooth and bend chamber valves, which achieves a costly fix bill. Disagreeable inert and a check engine light could be early telling for this issue, yet still can be a peaceful engine killer. If it isn’t watched out for, you could wind up with contorted valves, or more awful yet, engine frustration. Luckily, BMW elected to change the issue with a huge help declaration which we will cover in a little.

Fast Battery Drainage

While not truth be told a piece of the engine, it is a huge piece of the N63. In the undertakings of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics. BMW push parts to help mileage consistently. By virtue of the N63, this system relied upon the vehicle floating to recharge the batteries instead of charging from the turns of the belts.

While this guide requires effort off the engine to help effectiveness, people who own a 50i don’t do a huge load of floating. On top of this, the electronic systems would stay on later the vehicle was off the keep the cooling structure going to cool the turbos that were set in the V in the engine. It is remarkable that the N63 eats up batteries and still returns to. BMW spec requires a battery to supplant every single other oil change.

BMW proposed to exchange out the old batteries for more current, greater models, yet this gave off an impression of being disguising a greater issue with a gauze.

Final words

This article is about BMW n63/n63tu utilized motors. The key important points are that the motor ought to be taken into consideration appropriately once it shows any side effect of disappointment. The motor is the mechanical piece of the vehicle that needs appropriate consideration in this way, it is smarter to do the overhauling and continue to check the motor oil. Assuming you are confronting any issue with your motor you can get it supplanted with a pre-owned motor from Autotechio. These motors are all around restored and tried by them. Really look at your vehicle’s wellbeing prior to taking it on street.

e not, in fact, part of the motor, it is a significant part for the N63. In the endeavors of BMW’s Efficient Dynamics. BMW push parts to help efficiency at every possible opportunity. On account of the N63, this framework depended on the vehicle drifting to re-energize the batteries as opposed to charging from the turns of the belts.

While this aid requires exertion off the motor to help efficiency, individuals who own a 50i don’t do a ton of drifting. On top of this, the electronic frameworks would remain on after the vehicle was off the keep the cooling framework going to cool the turbos that were put in the V in the motor. It is notable that the N63 gobbles up batteries and still proceeds to. BMW spec requires a battery to replace each and every other oil change.

BMW proposed to trade out the old batteries for more up-to-date, bigger models, yet this appeared to be concealing a bigger issue with a bandage.

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